About Us

We searched the globe for modern art we loved, only to end up confronted with two glaring problems.

Problem #1: Modern art is intriguing but often chaotic—and, frankly, ugly.

If someone has to explain to you why it's beautiful, it isn't.

Problem #2: Classical art is beautiful but overly familiar.

Familiarity breeds contempt. 

We asked ourselves: 

Why do we have to settle for the drawbacks of each art style?

We took the matter into our own hands and sought to produce art that isn't ugly or boring.

Our Solution: "vandalized" classical art.

Because we realized:

Modern art needs the beauty of classical art.

Classical art needs the excitement of modern art.

After years full of sleepless nights working tirelessly to perfect our art, Vandulizm® was born.

An art studio with its feet firmly in two worlds, we specialize in combining the beauty of classical painting and sculpture with the attitude of contemporary graffiti and street culture.

Despite what our name would have you believe, our design mission is to pay homage to the momentous artistic achievements of the past while breathing new life and color into those works, such that they feel remarkably current and culturally relevant.

Past and present, high culture and street culture—these cease to contradict each other, but are blended and reconciled to form a new art movement all its own.

Problem #3: Modern art is too expensive for the average person.

Beauty should not be exclusively available to the rich—who often have more money than taste.

How do we provide affordable artwork (but that isn't mass-produced, sacrificing quality)?

Solution: Rather than only offering expensive 1 of 1 artwork, our art pieces are produced in limited, quality-controlled quantities of 300.

To ensure a classical aesthetic is preserved, our art is printed on museum-quality, fine-art, archival paper.

A signed certificate of authenticity is provided with each fine art print, verifying that each piece can only be purchased authentically on vandulizm.com.

If you resonate with any of the above, we're happy to serve you.


Creating and viewing art has always been our antidote, our rest, and our refuge.

We can't wait for our art to illuminate your days like it has ours.



The Vandulizm Team

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